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Through the Eyes of a Child

We moved to Texas when our granddaughter was only two years old. Our small subdivision was relatively new. A cul-de-sac was directly behind our house but all of the lots were vacant; no houses had been built. Consequently, we had lots of open land to go exploring and there were lots of interesting creatures to be found. We called it "The 100 Acre Woods" and spent many hours walking and exploring.

One of the more interesting finds was the pill bug, more commonly called the roly poly bug here in Texas. Our granddaughter was fascinated with the little bugs. Every time she would pick one up and put it in her hand it would curl up like a little gray ball. Amazing! She would pick them up over and over and watch them curl up like a little gray ball.

Through the eyes of a child the world around us is a magical, mysterious place. Alas, the fascinations and curiosities of childhood give way to the trials and heartaches of growing up, raising a family, paying the bills and we forget that all of those magical places around us still exist. Some are even in our backyard. Whether it's the majesty of mountains, the warmth of blue waters or the creatures in a far away land, we all still need to be fascinated by what's around us every day.

Today with a pandemic clouding our every move, it's nice to think about those far away lands. When you think of going somewhere, where do you want to go? Warm and sunny with white sand beaches?

Would you rather go to far away lands with majestic creatures creeping through the night?

Let us know when you are ready to find that magical place. We're here when you are ready. Steve and Sherry, 512-819-1536 or email

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